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Menus 2017/2018

These menu options are a starting point we are happy to tailor a special menu for you.

Please note we always use local free range eggs, sustainable fish, free range chicken and meat products.
Gluten-free (gf), dairy-free (df) and vegetarian (v) options are available.

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  • Spinach, feta and sundried tomato stuffed chicken thigh wrapped in smokey bacon served with lemon yogurt (gf)
  • Sautee herb dusted chicken breast with viognier and grape butter sauce (gf)
  • Pepper crusted beef sirloin with pecorino and truffle oil, caramelise onion chutney (gf)
  • Roasted whole fillets of grass feed NZ beef with and mustard and garlic cream (gf)
  • Chilli and lime glazed fillets of Marlborough salmon served whole, with green onion aioli (gf)
  • Lemon thyme seasoned butterflied legs of NZ lamb with pea and mint relish (gf/df)
  • Sumac dusted lamb fillets served with a rosemary and walnut pesto, herb infused local oils (gf)
  • Caraway roasted pork loin with a pear sauce and a mustard and onion mash (df/gf)
  • Sous vide pork fillet dusted with thyme salt served with apple horse radish (gf)
  • Monk fish wraps with prawn and herb butter drizzled with lemon balsamic
  • Ginger bread spice glazed ham with cherry relish (gf/df)


  • Green tea fritters, kaffir lime, smoked salmon crème fraiche
  • Crisp ginger snap, blue cheese, honeyed walnut and prosciutto
  • Little forks of home cured salmon, watercress aioli and lemon crumbs (gf/df)
  • Pumpkin & feta risotto cakes, fresh sage and pickled pumpkin rind (v/gf)
  • Crisp Vogel’s with seared fillet of beef, smoked chilli mayo and caramelised onion
  • Mushroom and walnut pate on crostini with edible flowers (v)
  • Spoons of scallop ceviche, tomato chilli jam, lime and coriander (gf)
  • Pear and prosciutto wrap, gorgonzola and wild rocket (gf)
  • Feta, pear and mint puree on pita bread crostini (v)
  • Fragrant prawn cakes, shredded Asian vegetables kecap manis (gf)
  • Haloumi and zucchini fritters with crispy chorizo and tomato salsa
  • Poached chicken and tarragon sandwiches
  • Silken tofu with sweet ginger and soy, with radish salad (v/gf/df)
  • Cauliflower and almond falafels with Tunisia harissa (gf/df/v)
  • Spicy fish cake, oyster mayonnaise and cucumber salsa
  • Beetroot and walnut pesto on tortilla chards with creamy feta and mint (v)
  • Toasted Burgen crostini, venison fillet with blackberry & balsamic jam with peanut crumble
  • Tamarind lemongrass fillet of lamb, on toasted Vogel’s with chilli tomato jam
  • Angus beef crostini, truffle mascarpone and parmesan shavings
  • Seared sirloin beef, with rhubarb puree, horseradish cream on a bagel crisp


  • Thai chicken, peanut lollypops with coconut dipping sauce
  • Braised beef cheek & horseradish 3 bite pies
  • Little egg and bacon tarts with tomato jam
  • Gochujang pork belly, kimchi and nashi salsa (gf)
  • Two cheese tarts, baby spinach, pinenut and sundried tomato salsa (v)
  • Sous vide lamp croquette with wasabi pea puree
  • Caribbean style corn and chilli fish cakes, coconut sambal
  • Korean chicken, sririacha glaze with coriander sauce (gf)
  • Sri Lankan curried beef calzone with minted yoghurt
  • King prawn burgers, lemon lime aioli and baby greens
  • Goats cheese and red onion tarts with lemon thyme salsa (v)
  • Malaysian ginger beef sticks with sticky lime dipping sauce
  • Shredded pork chimichanga and green onion aioli
  • Pear, sage, goats cheese on seeded flatbreads
  • Warm Brazilian cheese bread, chimichurri dipping sauce (v)
  • Spiked tamarind and lemongrass lamb fillet with chilli tomato jam (gf)
  • Chicken and cumin sausage rolls with harissa yoghurt
  • Bacon wrapped scallops on a skewer with lemon relish
  • Grilled asparagus wrapped aged Parma ham drizzled with truffle oil (seasonal) (gf)
  • Fried dumplings, kimchi sauce – both vegetarian and meat options (v/gf)

Please note:

Not all items are suitable for delivery only option – please ask.
Our canapes are priced $2.95 + gst per option.
We do have a minimum charge of $150.00 plus GST for finger foods on week days and $350.00 + GST during weekends or public holidays.


  • Green tea fritter with smoked salmon and lemon cream
  • Gourmet Club Sandwiches a selection of petite club sandwiches. Vegetarian and gluten free options available.
  • Pesto and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Sweet corn and roasted onion fritters topped with sour cream roasted capsicum
  • Roasted vegetable tarts topped with ricotta lemon dust and fresh basil
  • Lemon chicken and bacon meat balls with harissa yoghurt
  • Fresh asparagus and orange mayo sandwiches (seasonal)
  • Toasted crostini handmade chicken liver pate topped with pear and ginger relish
  • Parmesan thyme and lemon chicken skewers with yoghurt dipping sauce
  • Hand turned baby gourmet pizzettas
  • Parmesan, thyme and lemon chicken skewers
  • Handmade gourmet savouries vegetarian option available
  • Bite size mini meatloaf served with rich tomato and onion jam
  • Crisp Vogels topped with seared beef, caramelized onion jam and wild greens
  • Pumpkin and feta risotto cakes topped with pumpkin chutney, fresh sage and edible flowers (v/gf)
  • Ham, cheese and bacon mini scone with pesto cream
  • Crisp prawn cakes with sticky lime dipping sauce


  • Pink peppercorn dusted fillet of beef with pan fried sage and olive roasted potatoes, balsamic glaze, topped with hot and sour tomatoes (df/ gf)
  • Slow cooked bourbon and cola pulled pork on sour green apple slaw, chilli caramel walnuts (gf)
  • Vietnamese lime and chilli chicken , green paw paw salad, glass noodles, peanut and coconut sambal, (df/ gf)
  • Mexican blackened steak , bell peppers, bbq corn , cucumbers, red onions topped with tomatillo aioli (df /gf)
  • Paprika and parmesan polenta with micro greens, walnut and kale salsa (v)
  • Lemon and oregano mini lamb roast with a Greek salad of feta, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, tzatziki (gf)
  • Grilled chicken Caesar salad, parmesan shards, bacon, garlic croutons, on baby cos lettuce
  • Lime dusted fresh fish taco, salad greens, pickled watermelon (df)
  • Red Thai coconut and duck curry with fresh pineapple, mint and lemon grass, crisp Asian vege (df/gf)
  • Rigatoni pasta with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, smoked haloumi , salsa verde and torn basil (v)
  • New season potatoes with warm salad cream topped with smoked Marlborough salmon, lemon and fennel salad, black caviar (gf)
  • Seared herb dusted lamb fillets on smashed kumara with sweet and sour peas, homemade mint relish (gf)
  • Teriyaki chicken on sushi rice with pickled ginger mayo and toasted sesame tossed Asian (gf)
  • Traditional spicy Massaman beef curry on wilted spinach, fresh green beans topped with toasted almonds and coriander leaves (df/gf)


  • Antipasto with a selection of small goods including cured meats, dips, marinated mushrooms , cheese, grissini and pots of handmade pesto.
  • Marlborough inspired platter with smoked salmon, mussels, clams, home cured prosciutto, black garlic aioli, artisan breads.
  • Salmon 3 ways vodka and beetroot cured, wood smoked and pickled watermelon, cold smoked salmon with citrus yogurt, breads ,crackers
  • Bread and dip featuring artisan Marlborough breads, hazelnut and local olive oil, pots of salsa verde
  • Cheese selection with a selection of local and imported cheeses and quince paste and a selection of seasonal fruits
  • Warm flat breads with a selection of topping to make mini wraps – marinated mushroom & taleggio, fresh garlic prawns & lemon aioli, salami & pesto, chards of parmesan
  • Blini platter with condiments, smoked salmon, gherkins, salmon roe, red onions , crème fraiche etc


  • Roasted carrot and orange salad with baba gnanoush and wild greens (gf)
  • Baked sweet potato, baby broad beans, yoghurt and pancetta crumbs (gf)
  • Roast or fresh tomato salad, buffalo mozzarella, walnut and kale pesto (gf)
  • Chorizo and pumpkin salad, wild watercress and sherry vinegar dressing (gf)
  • Sumac tossed roast vegetable salad with sweet honey and herb vinaigrette (gf)
  • Black rice salad, shredded Asian vegetables, tamarind and lemongrass dressing (gf)
  • Fattoush salad, Persian feta, tomatoes, cucumber radish, baby cos and mint and chilli pesto
  • Super green mixed salad with polenta croutons, pickled sultana dressing (gf)
  • Roast baby beetroot, lentil and watercress salad with pomegranate roasted hazelnuts (gf)
  • Green barley salad, peas, Edamame snow peas, green onions with feta in olive oil (gf)
  • Palenstian coucous, zaatar, roasted pistachio, mint, coriander and cumin


  • Gourmet baby potatoes with a Sicilian lemon and herb vinaigrette
  • Steamed chat potatoes with white balsamic and maple syrup dressing flaky Marlborough salt.
  • Creamy honey and seeded mustard dressed baby potatoes.


  • Char grilled asparagus with Romanesco, apple balsamic, shards of parmesan (gf)
  • Three citrus salad with green chilli, stem ginger, seared fresh tuna (gf/df)
  • Goats cheese and pickled beetroot salad with sweet smoked almonds, baby garden greens (gf)
  • Tomato and eggplant layered with buffalo mozzarella, smoked garlic oil and fresh basil, edible flowers (gf)
  • Thai-style tomato soup with coriander and Asian shallots served with local bread topped with char grilled prawns (df)
  • Marlborough smoked salmon with horse radish panna cotta, wild watercress, lemon crumbs (gf)
  • Five spice duck breast with caramelised miso, crispy Asian veg, black sesame seeds, orange balsamic(gf/df)
  • Warm parmesan polenta , bitter greens , Sous vide beef cheeks, rich balsamic reduction (gf)
  • Grilled scallops with a pickled fennel and grape salad, micro greens lemon infused oil (df/gf)


  • Seared NZ grass fed beef fillet, spinach rosti ,warm tomato salad ,basil oil (gf)
  • Pepper crusted beef fillet with a fennel salad ,crisp garlic potatoes with pecorino and truffle oil (gf)
  • Free range chicken supreme on a bed of root vegetables, with a tarragon and pea jus(gf)
  • Free range chicken breast with burnt miso butterscotch, poached baby vegetables and pomegranate and walnut salsa (gf)
  • Lamb fillet with vanilla braised chicory, heirloom vegetables and sorrel pesto (gf)
  • Roasted pork fillet with crushed sweet potato, bitter greens and an apple and walnut salsa (gf)
  • Harrissa spiced lamb rump, pistachio and mint couscous, nasturtium leaves, orange scented yogurt.
  • Oven roasted fillet of Marlborough salmon with skagen butter, cardamom caramel potatoes, creamed peas (gf)
  • Smokey bacon wrapped chicken fillet stuffed with spinach, feta, sundried tomatoes, creamed potatoes, grilled chorizo, rocket and white balsamic infused oil (gf)
  • Seasonal local fresh fish in saffron broth with clams and mussels, sweet baby potatoes and wild greens (gf/df)


  • Warm beef salad with chimichurri, grilled corn, tomatoes, Spanish onion, white beans and fresh coriander.
  • Barbequed leg of lamb with lemon thyme salsa verde and cumin tossed sweet potato
  • Whole sides of oven roasted salmon with candied baby beets, watercress and citrus yoghurt
  • Slow cooked beef fillet with black garlic cream sauce, sage and olive roasted potato
  • Tamarind and lemongrass lamb rumps with cashew namjim and Asian greens
  • 5 spiced pork fillet with pickled fennel salad, green apple and honey walnuts
  • Moroccan spiced chicken breast with mint couscous and rose harissa yoghurt
  • Sticky lime pork belly, Asian greens with oyster sauce and peanut crumble
  • BBQ green prawns with a chorizo, pumpkin salad and green onion aioli
  • Rigatoni with oven roasted vegetables, basil and smoked halloumi
  • Garlic and herb grilled chicken fillets with kale, smoked almonds and grape pasta salad


  • Lemon and lime baked cheese cake with toasted pistachio, elderflower yogurt (gf)
  • Vanilla chai latte panna cotta, mango vinaigrette, coconut crisp
  • Salted caramel profiteroles, crunchy caramel popcorn, pepper dusted cream
  • Double chocolate brownie, spicy hazelnut and orange oil, dollops of double cream (gf)
  • Mint infused fresh seasonal fruit with raspberry sorbet , edible petals (gf/df)
  • Baby meringues, rose water berries, homemade strawberry ice cream (gf)
  • Passionfruit pavlova roulade, chargrilled seasonal stone fruit, orange balsamic (gf)
  • Individual cheese platter, quince paste, local table grapes, black sesame cracker (gf)


  • Fresh seasonal fruit kebabs, lime and mint sugar crumbs (gf/df)
  • Chocolate dipped oreo lolly pops
  • Tiny bite size mini berry cheese cakes
  • Salted caramel dipped bite size profiteroles ( gf profiteroles are available)
  • Rich dark chocolate and mint hand rolled truffles
  • Tiny shots of mango or raspberry sorbet with citrus dust (gf)
  • Bite size lemon meringue pies
  • Mini fresh strawberry and rose jellies (gf/df)
  • Mini vanilla bean cheesecakes topped with orange blossom mousse
  • White chocolate and strawberry profiteroles
  • Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches
  • Fruit poppers with white chocolate and crumbed pistachio nuts (gf).
  • Cherry and almond pies dusted with vanilla sugar
  • Rich double chocolate brownies with mascarpone cream and edible flowers (gf)
  • Individual serve of cheese, crackers condiments

Catering in the heart of the Marlborough Wine region. Sharing our passion for imaginative menus using fresh sustainable local produce.

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